Due to slimming teas proving to increase metabolism more and more people are making these teas their first drink of the day to kick start their metabolism.

Most of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee, in fact, as a nation, the UK drinks 165 million cups of tea each day and 70 million cups of coffee.

We also have a continually growing appreciation of green tea and herbal teas and are becoming educated on their anti-oxidant properties and mineral and vitamin content.

It goes without saying that one or two cups of slimming tea is not going to be the only factor in helping you to lose weight. Slimming tea needs to be drank as one part of a change to a more healthy lifestyle including a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.

The benefits of green tea are well documented and it is green tea that forms the base element of Be Slim Tea together with 6 carefully selected herbs known for their weight loss, detox and cleansing properties. Be Slim Tea helps to increase energy levels, reduce bloating, soothes digestion and improves skin appearance.

Used together with a nutritious and sustainable eating plan and gentle but regular exercise, Be Slim Tea will help you on your way to a lifetime of good habits.

Made from a delicious blend of 100% natural organic ingredients, Be Slim Tea is designed to work in harmony with your body. Be Slim Tea does not contain Senna.


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