Health Benefits of Be Slim Tea

Helps to…

  • Boost the body’s fat oxidation process
    encouraging weight loss
  • Aid digestion and reduce bloating
  • Increase stable energy levels
  • Rejuvinate the skin leaving it clearer
  • Stabilise cholesterol levels
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Detoxify and cleanse the body
  • Reduce appetite



Customer Reviews

July 23 2016

New to this kind of tea, pleasant and not a harsh flavour as I thought it would be.

S Mureay

May 28 2016

Really refreshing taste. It’s especially nice if left to cool. Delivery quick too.

G Williams, Wolverhampton

April 2 2016

My first try of teatox and it was much better than I expected! Felt good to do something positive with my diet.

S, Nabir, Rochdale

March 26 2016

Seemed to help me lose weight. Taste not to my liking but I didn’t expect it to be.

S. Win, Swansea

February 12 2016

I ordered a 21 day pack a few months ago and it worked well so ordered again. I’d recommend the 42 day pack to anyone, it’s worth it and tastes nice.

H, Jones, Newcastle upon Tyne

January 6, 2016 

Speedy delivery thanks. Tastes good too.

J. Nichols, Glasgow

November 5, 2015 

Fantastic tea, better taste than i expected. only just started so will definitely buy again if it works!

K Tilley, London

September 10, 2015
Tastes good. Seen some skin improvement and less bloating. Overall pleased.
T Miller, New York

September 5, 2015
Ordering simple and quick delivery. I ordered this tea because it contains many of my favourite herbs and I wasn’t disappointed. Good quality herbal tea.
L Sheridan, Coventry

August 14, 2015
Good value for money as you get 21 bags. Received the following day. Will recommend.
T McCann, London

August 12, 2015
Best tasting slimming tea on the market.
A Kilby, Aberdeen

July 22, 2015
Lots of good information on this site about the ingredients they use. I’m really into herbal teas and this is a good blend. Would recommend.
A. Smallwood, Norwich

July 15, 2015
I’ve just completed my 6 week detox. Seen an improvement in bloating and skin clarity. I’m pleased with the outcome.
H. Green, Glasgow

June 25, 2015
On my second order which speaks for itself. Good price and quick delivery.
S Thorley, Cornwall

June 25, 2015
Will recommend this tea to my friends. Worked for me and made me feel healthy. Really easy to drink unlike some herbal teas which taste disgusting.
D Jenkinson, Derby

June 22, 2015
User friendly website. I like this ‘honest’ product. No promises made just good useful information about health and well-being.
J Clay, London

June 12, 2015
I love Be Slim Tea. Excellent value for money, pay less get more. Excellent Quality. Excellent mailing service to the US.
S Le Brock, California

May 17, 2015
I’d been feeling very sluggish but after drinking the 42 day pack I am feeling much more energized and less bloated.
L Coxon, New Jersey

May 15, 2015
Despite my skepticism, results are convincing. I make it my first drink of the day and reuse around tea time.
D Oliver, London

May 15, 2015
I usually suffer from water retention, this product seems to have helped this.
S Hope, Guildford

May 1, 2015
I’ve been drinking two cups a day for the past 6 weeks and although I haven’t changed my diet, I certainly look a lot flatter around my tummy area, feel less bloated and more energetic. Great ingredients and flavour. Competitively priced.
E Forster, Surrey

April 15, 2015
Love Be Slim Tea. Ingredients are packed full of health benefits and the tea tastes great.
L Hassan, London

April 12, 2015
Easy website, prompt delivery. Really helps with digestion and bloating problems.
B Walklate, Portsmouth

April 1, 2015
Excellent service. Lovely tasting herbal tea.
A Ledward, Cardiff

March 14, 2015
Definitely recommend. Ordering easy and fast. Contains well balanced traditional herbs including my favourites. Many health benefits. One of the best blends I’ve come across.
A Lewis, London

March 13, 2015
I love all herbal teas and this is one of the best I’ve tasted. Great ingredients and great price for 3 weeks supply.
S Mawby, Cornwall

March 9, 2015
Love it! I haven’t changed my eating habits yet but I love that my skin is so much clearer. Thank you.
J Smith, London

March 3, 2015
Tea tastes much better than other slimming tea brands. Good with customer enquiries. Will recommend to friends and work colleagues.
R Cook, Shrewsbury

Feb 20, 2015
Has really helped with water retention and bloating. Tastes great!
L Marsh, Northants

Feb 13, 2015
Great customer service. I had a couple of questions and the lady I spoke to was really helpful.
J Billingham, Edinburgh

Feb 10, 2015
Speedy delivery. Finally I’ve found a healthy tea that tastes good.
L Williams, Northants

Jan 21, 2015
Love it! Since drinking your tea my problem skin is looking much clearer. Just need to follow your healthy eating advice now!
V. Oliver, Edinburgh

Jan 14, 2015
This detox tea is very reasonably priced compared to similar (IMO overpriced) products plus you get three weeks worth. Website easy to navigate and postage is efficient.
A Doyle, London

Jan 10, 2015
I’ve tried lots of healthy teas some good some bad. I really can’t fault this great tasting product. Would recommend to friends.
J Gabinger, Florida