New Year is the time that many people plan a fresh start, and that can often include a new weight loss regime. And with all healthy weight loss regimes, it is vital that they are consistently maintained and have the correct balance between diet and exercise.

Many people as part of this balance choose to detox, cleansing their body of harmful toxins and making themselves feel better able to lose those extra pounds. And while this is a good idea, maintaining the lifestyle, mentality and dedication necessary to achieve their goals with the stress from home or work can often be a more difficult task than it first appears. If you also have this problem, keep in mind that it is often true the most worthwhile things are the most challenging. It is important that you remember why you began your detox and why you should continue. Don’t forget that the challenge you face is likely more mental than physical, and that by simply overcoming a few moments of doubt or laxness you will feel more empowered going forward.

At no time of year do these challenges present themselves more than in January. It is said that 62% of us at some point make a New Year’s resolution, and the most common of these resolutions is to lose weight. It is also said that only 8% of people are successful with their resolutions. This means that 54% of individuals have decided to do something positive, and then forgotten about it or convinced themselves it is not worth doing.

Now, sure, in some cases an individual will make an empty gesture at New Year and never really intend to see it through. That is fine, this person is happy with their situation and does not want to change. However, many others have began with enthusiasm and full commitment to their plan and then lost focus. To these people, we recommend two things, a diary and a calendar.

Use your diary to monitor how you are eating and what your thoughts are on a given day. Writing your thoughts down can give you a somewhat objective view of them. You may see that your anxieties are just superficial or that your doubts are just due to a bad mood (this works for more than just dieting!).

As for your calendar, mark down the end of your detox plan immediately as a target date. If you follow our plans this will be either 3 weeks or 6 weeks ahead of your start date, to coincide with the incorporation of our tea into your daily consumption. Use other days on your calendar to mark milestones as you see fit, successfully passed days, days that have went well, days that you’ve had doubts, etc. It can be anything as long as you mark the calendar daily. Be creative. The whole point is to maintain focus and give you a visual sign of doing so, as well as to occupy your mind in any down time.

If you haven’t already, for handy tips and information, see our New Year Detox advice here.