Here at Be Slim Tea UK we are passionate about health and well-being and adore tea, especially herbal tea. It took a great deal of research to find the correct blend of tea and herbs to ensure that we are offering only the very best organic and natural ingredients the world has to offer.

Working together with an expert blender we were able to carefully select our ingredients to pack in as many health and well-being benefits as possible with an emphasis on weight loss whilst ensuring the importance of a great tasting tea.

Be Slim Tea advocate a healthy lifestyle incorporating healthy eating and exercise to work alongside Be Slim Tea in achieving your weight loss goals and a lifetime of good habits.

All our ingredients are pure, organic and preservative free.

We strive to keep our overheads low and set ourselves apart by being competitively priced, whilst maintaining product quality.

To find out how Be Slim Tea works see our How It Works page.

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